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Highest quality of meats and offals

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Highest quality of meats and offals

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Highest quality of meats and offals

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Highest quality of meats and offals

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Highest quality of meats and offals

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Highest quality fruits & vegetables

We are the only company that has a license and approval for the activities we offer (export, processing, production…) in the region

The only company that specializes in the production of chicken legs and chicken paws

The only company that can function as a collection center for slaughterhouses and their products we can collect, process and export the same goods from all slaughterhouses

You can get all the desired products through us because we have the largest network of business partners dealing with slaughterhouses, (cattle, pigs, etc.)

You can find everything in your interest through us

We have a large storage capacity (500 tons), and can deliver a large quantity on a monthly basis

We are here to save and your money and time

We are interested in partnering with serious customers for long-term cooperation

We currently work with Vietnam, Hong Kong, Thailand, Africa, etc.)

Use the contact number and feel free to contact us at any time via WeChat, Viber, or Whatsapp to see the factory, goods and everything in your interest at any time.

We look to distribute our high quality meats all over the middle east and the world
Our company is crowned with the Halal and HCCP Certificates
Our products are the highest of quality
We implement high production quality and systems that are the best in the country
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